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  • Marie Lof

Boots and Bowties

Evurge Solutions is not just another IT company. The firm has a track record of supporting local businesses and giving back. Evurge a proud Platinum Sponsor for Boots and Bowties, a fundraiser hosted by Purposeful Living and Giving, because making a difference by giving to others is one of the leadership team's core values.

"When I heard about the opportunity from a former business colleague, I was moved to support in a big way," said Devin Hall, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Evurge. It is easy to see why Devin was so touched: the charity is a resource for disadvantaged families in the tri-state region and New Jersey.

Featured in the picture above are Devin, as well as Evurge's President (center, marine corps veteran Terrence Matthews), and Chief Financial Officer (left, Towson graduate Dennis Chen). Evurge's executives along with their team, and plus ones spent the night enjoying amazing food, nonstop dancing and local musical talent. Held on December 7th at the Potomac Yard in Alexandria, Virginia.

"We are always looking to build meaningful bridges within the local community," VP/COO Devin Hall stated. "We are not only in business to sell our services, but also to give people a way to earn a living, to help other businesses to grow, and to find ways to use our profits to benefit community members." Thanks to this kind of leadership, Evurge's commitment to service can be felt at every level of the growing firm.


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