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Rogue RF Racks

Flexible Cybersecurity Solutions, Scale Real Device Testing, & Standard Conformance

Customize Rogue RF shielded racks for your critical systems, with a flexible shielding solution. This leading-edge technology allows for easy repurposing, low maintenance, cost efficiency, and outlast current/outdated rack technology. RF racks allow scaling from lab to datacenter use and support dense installations for mobile phones, tablets, and other smart devices. They are light weight for easy transportation, cooling for demanding heat loads, and a footprint of a standard datacenter rack. Each rack is individually Tested by Qualified Professionals to ensure you get a quality product that meets global standards for SIGINT and emanation security.

Rogue RF shielded racks allow customers to use COTS equipment while maintaining better security, while TEMPEST servers are often outdated before their systems go live.

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