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  • Marie Lof


In recent times, the global coronavirus pandemic has produced staffing challenges across all business sectors. Standard methods of attracting and screening talent such as face-to-face interviews and job fairs pose risks and sometimes are not possible considering ever-changing health risks. It is especially difficult to ensure that new hires are onboarded effectively when onboarding is increasing, becoming a completely virtual process – not traditionally an ideal way to begin a relationship.

First, let us make sure we are all on the same page about the two distinct types of staffing: staff augmentation and outsourcing. Staff augmentation is when an agency mines its database of active job seekers to place a candidate into a role at a business client’s company for a particular project and timeframe. Outsourcing is when an agency puts together a team on behalf of a business client in order to complete a particular project from start to finish.

Staff augmentation is a great option for a business that wants to save time by delegating the recruitment process to an agency. Staff augmentation allows a company to spend-as-it-goes, paying for a specific job and duration of work. Outsourcing is perfect for companies who want to get something done without having to burden existing employees with additional work or hire new people for a project that may not be ongoing but needs to get done fast.

As we all continue to move through the coronavirus pandemic together, another one of the biggest advantages to working with a competent staffing firm is being able to honor the concept of “fit.” “Fit” is difficult to put into words but easy to understand from experience, much the same way it’s easy to know when a person has “soft skills” like sociability and emotional intelligence but difficult to break down exactly what makes up these qualities.

When working with a company like Evurge, “fit” is not something you lose because our team of seasoned IT recruiters, engineers, and managers are well-versed in understanding a company’s culture – not just it’s technical needs – and how to tell if a potential candidate hits the mark. Candidates with the right “fit” save companies countless hours of supervision, damage control, and employee development.

If you think you would benefit from a skilled staffing agency or would like more information, Evurge’s team is always here to answer any questions you have and help ensure your team gets the right fit.


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